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Singapore Ferrari Crash : Rich Mainland Chinese Man Kills 3

Currently with over 600k views after being uploaded a day earlier on popular Chinese video sharing website  Youku … From  QQ : Vehicle Monitoring Camera Captures Rich Mainland Chinese Man Driving Ferrari in Singapore Crashing Into Taxi At 4am in the early morning on the 12th, a speeding red Ferrari sports car ran the red light at an intersection in Singapore, crashing into a taxi. Apart from the Ferrari owner who died on the spot, the 52-year-old Singaporean taxi driver and a Japanese passenger who were in the taxi also died after been taken to the hospital. United Evening News  of Singapore says, the deceased was a 31-year-old Chinese man from Sichuan, who went to Singapore in 2008, engaged in finance and investment activities, and was in the process of applying for  the right to permanent residency .  The Straits Times  says, the limited edition Ferrari driving by the perpetrator was worth more than 1.4 million US dollars. AFP  says, currently, there ar